Early History

In 1977 I was fortunate to get bitten by the computer bug while working at a Boise law firm. The principal partner of the firm had the foresight to know this was something we needed to do and dispatched me to the 1977 West Coast Computer Faire where I fell in love with the PC. By 1980 I was working full time in the computer business for a Boise-based PC integrator called Zytron.

The Desktop Publishing Revolution

In 1985 the industry was again changing. The IBM PC (ho-hum) was out and Apple was revolutionizing desktop computing. I joined forces with a client whose son was also a family friend to purchase Idaho's only Apple-only computer store aptly named "The Computer Store". With the advent of desktop publishing I found myself back in the publishing business. Having been raised around our newspaper and publishing family business, the methodology and applications were second nature. After 2 years I was back on the road again.....

The Web Takes Hold

After some early exposure to the Internet in the 80's with Digital, I transitioned to Wylie Laboratories and then got my first taste of the web in 1996 at Power Engineers. Within a few years I was consulting with The Network Group and building the web into their business practices while re-structuring the company. Not long afterward the company sold, which was out interntion, and I was free to pursue the world wide web on my own.

Web Design and Development

Our early beginnings in web design found us working for clients like Micron, Interland, In-Systems Design, Extended Systems and Hewlett-Packard. We played roles behind the scenes and on high profile projects like HP's Telework campaign in 1999 (click here for a sample).

With the "dot com" meltdown in 2001, we turned our attention away from large corporate clients to focus on the "really" small businesses and nonprofits that were being under-served . And we couldn't be happier we did!

Our business has been based in the North End since the late 90's and we've been involved in various ways supporting a wide spectrum of neighborhood projects and activities with design, marketing, public relations and hard work since the 70's.

What We Do Today

North End Creative is a "micro-agency" for small businesses and nonprofits who want to take advantage of the latest design and marketing techniques, business application technologies and our 40+ years of business technology experience. North End Creative provides marketing, consulting, print, web and social media design services, as well as web project management services. 

Our clients and customers have included nonprofits and community groups like the Oinkari Basque Dancers, Friends of the Park (Boise Whitewater Park), Inner City Players (Portland), the Basque Museum, Cenarrusa Foundation, Boise State University International and Basque Studies programs. And we've provided services to industry giants as well. Our focus is squarely on small business.

Keep Up With Us

Hopefully the North End Creative website will provide you with insights into our unique community and market, as well as provide you with tools that will help your business or organization grow and thrive. Visit the Creative Blog often for more by clicking here.