The North End Creative Squarespace Plan is designed to help you make the basic decisions about your new Squarespace website's design, content and image needs, plus provide the support most people need to ensure their content, graphics, photos and products are well-represented online.

The $99 Squarespace Plan includes the following services:

  • Domain name and branding discussion and guidance.
  • Help getting the selected Squarespace website template implemented.
  • Formatting up to 5 images for use with the selected template design.
  • Copywriting and editing of 4-5 effective content pages.
  • Domain setup assistance.

Additional assistance is available for more complex tools like e-commerce websites, help setting up PayPal and other payment gateways, integration with social media and social media marketing, etc. We can also setup a Site Maintenance Plan to provide on-going assistance for search engine optimization (SEO), social media design and online marketing programs if you really want to get after attracting customers and visitors.

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