RocketCart 15 Years Later

In early 2002 iPlan (my original venture) began working on tools that were, up to that point, out of the reach of the everyday business owners looking for ways to establish themselves online. The two systems were named WebAdmin and RocketCart. Both were designed and developed locally and were revolutionary options for small businesses. 

The original RocketCart logo design by Dave Green in 2002

The original RocketCart logo design by Dave Green in 2002

Our 2003 RocketCart promo material said:

"RocketCart is a revolutionary online shopping tool that gives developers and online storeowners greater flexibility and total portability... freedom."

Then, as now, the ultimate objective of any great online retail environment is to produce the best user experience possible. At that time there are no “formula” or template-based web sites that met the needs of a specific audience or could reflect a unique small business culture. The most successful sites were designed with a specific audience in mind and had to work hard to deliver on user expectations.

"RocketCart is an innovative shopping system designed to give the merchant and developer complete freedom to move, host, and customize their shopping environment when and how it needs to be done." 

RocketCart included the "features of leading shopping cart systems without the built-in dependence on a hosting provider who supplies server-side components that "marry" your data, design and business to their proprietary system or tools." This is still true today. 

We are working our successor business partner Mike Tayler of CustomNet Concepts on continuing the viability and life of RocketCart. It is, afterall, my baby these many years on.

For more information about RocketCart, WebAdmin or any of the other great North End Creative supported online platforms, please feel free to contact us!