Collaboration Tips: Video

Everyday I get up and wonder "what can I do for my clients and community today?". But first, I start out with a coffee from one of our local shops and I greet the barista with "it's another day in paradise". Once the morning routine, emails and updates are done, I start searching for relevant content that's a fit for my clients.

One of my oldest and most active clients is Idaho River Sports. When I start looking for content I do a search by keyword looking for content. For this blog installment I will talk about how great video finds worked for them.

Videos Engagement

There are so many great videos available that can enhance how people see you. It isn't always about a direct relationship too. By posting a really good video about Boise and tagging it correctly, I attract the attention of a large pool of potential customers, the media and others. Here is a great example of a find that led to dozens of contacts, additional content like still photos (with permission), and Idaho River Sports got terrific feedback!

Art of Visuals was, to my surprise, a local visual arts resource company with an international reputation. I had never heard of them until we started casting about looking for people to document the new Esther Simplot Park. As we began to put information out to the public we stated seeing a few fun aerial videos hitting Vimeo and YouTube. We started posting a few of the better ones and started getting interest from professionals. They shared our altruistic motivation to do something beautiful. We offered to facilitate and as you would expect we also go permission to reuse all or part with attribution.  

Reminder! Always ask permission and offer to attribute the work to the creator. To see how the video worked on the Idaho River Sports website click here!

And when it came to finding the "community video gem", after a while it was really apparent that plenty of people love the Boise market as much as we do!  During the summer the staff at Idaho River Sports swells. Many of the summer staff are students and one of our favorite summer team members had been bitten by the aerial video production bug. With very little encouragement, Connor Bunderson put his talents to work and spent hours working on the video below for a store credit. The bonus for him was the addition to his resume working as a marketing intern at Idaho River Sports.

By being creative in how you connect with the community, opportunities to impress and engage will present themselves in many ways. Just allow people to do their thing and be supportive. 

For more about community-based marketing, feel free to contact me!